Sarah Potts

Between my undergraduate degree and pursuing my Masters, I actually worked in the landscaping industry for two years. And then I decided to go back to school. As part of the Illinois Plant Breeding Center, I was awarded a fellowship by Pioneer Hybrid International. It helps support my funding and funding me as a student. But I think just as importantly, are providing me with a mentor. And that's really been important for me. I hope to be in commercial industry, in commercial plant breeding, when I graduate and I think that's really opened up a lot of doors in terms of networking. I'm able to really get a perspective on what commercial industry has to offer me as well as kind of the insides of how it works. That's hugely important. I know that my future work will be rewarding. I want to be in plant breeding, I want to be working with cultivar improvement. And I know not only will I be making hopefully improvements in yields but also improvements in nutritional values of crops. And as the world population grows I think we really have the responsibility as plant breeders to really work to help feed the world.

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