To succeed in the growing field of plant breeding, your graduate school education must be both broad in scope and high in quality. Here at the Illinois Plant Breeding Center, our perspective is global and the expertise of our faculty is unrivaled.

As a graduate student in the Illinois Plant Breeding Center, you'll learn how to function in a team-based research environment of international dimensions. In this collaborative plant breeding program, you'll find a practical route for focusing on projects relevant to key issues and industry interests.

> Increased need for PROFESSIONALS

Across the nation, there is great concern regarding the shortage of professional plant breeders. With three major seed companies in the U.S. planning to double their plant breeding programs in the next five years, the demand for experienced plant breeders continues to grow. As an Illinois Plant Breeding Center alum, you'll be positioned as a standout for productive roles in industry, academia, and government.

> Unbeatable CURRICULUM

Course options in the Illinois Plant Breeding Center program provide the crucial foundational knowledge in genetics, genomics, plant breeding, statistics, experimental design, and biotechnology that you’ll need for a successful career. You can also include business management and leadership, principles of molecular biology, bioinformatics and other computational aspects of plant breeding, or specifics in agronomic practices in crop production into your curriculum.

> Unparalleled opportunities for EXPERIENCE

The Illinois Plant Breeding Center combines hands-on experience with theory for a holistic learning program. This includes training in the fundamentals of laboratory, greenhouse, and field operations. Depending on your research specialization, you may also have the opportunity to benefit from interactions in an industry setting.

> World-renowned FACULTY

Faculty at the University of Illinois are world-renowned in their areas of expertise. Working with your mentor and other faculty members across campus allows you the chance to tap in to unparalleled know-how in plant breeding and other subjects. Our facilities have the latest technologies to give you the chance to see the most recent advances in plant breeding and genomics research and application.