The Department of Crop Sciences offers part-time positions to study with departmental faculty on research, teaching, or extension activities. Research assistantships are offered based on availability of funds and space in an appropriate faculty member's laboratory. Teaching assistantships require meeting University standards of English language skills, excellent teaching potential, and competence in the area being taught. Assistantships include an annual stipend and can be awarded at different levels of time commitment. In addition to the stipend, assistantships of at least one-quarter time carry a waiver of all tuition and most fees. These waivers are worth several thousand dollars over and above the stipend. Students awarded Fellowships receive higher stipends than those on assistantship.

> All students accepted in the Illinois Plant Breeding Center are considered for assistantships and Fellowships. All Fellowships are merit based, and each Fellowship may have additional specific criteria. The number and type of Fellowships will vary each year.
> Additional industry or private Fellowships that are not awarded through the University may also be available.
> Typically, students retain their Fellowships for the duration of their tenure in the Illinois Plant Breeding Center.
> Industry-sponsored Fellows may also benefit from the opportunity to have a specific “immersion experience" with a company.